Parking at the United Methodist Church of Kent

Kent State University students can reserve a parking pass by filling out the form below. Passes are available to all students, regardless of age or class standing. After the form has been submitted, your pass is reserved. No further action is required until the semester begins. At that time, please come to the church office 9 AM–4 PM, Monday through Friday, during the first week of classes to pay for and/or receive your pass. Please keep in mind, the following rules apply to all pass holders:

  • This pass is for the vehicle registered only and other vehicles must be registered separately.
  • My vehicle must be removed from premises no later than Saturday evening and cannot be returned to the lot until 3 PM Sunday afternoon (violators will be towed).
  • Parking at the United Methodist Church of Kent is at my own risk and the church is not liable for any damage that may occur to my vehicle.
  • There will be no alcoholic beverages on the church premises.
  • The pass must be posted on the rear glass, driver’s side, of my vehicle.
  • Parking is only permitted along the outside perimeter of the parking lot.
  • Any violations of the above-mentioned items will result in the loss of parking privileges with no refund.

Please note that this is a reservation. You will not be authorized to park until the pass has been picked up and paid for in the office. After filling out the form below, passes can be paid for and picked up beginning the first week of the semester and anytime during the semester (the price of the pass does not change based on when you reserve or pick it up). Passes are $80 per semester. Please bring exact change or a check when coming to the office; cards can only be accepted online at this time. Click the button at the bottom of the page to pay by card. Card payments will have an added $3 convenience fee. Do not make an electronic payment until the reservation form has been successfully completed. Please email the office or call 330-673-5879 ext. 10 with any questions.