Here is a statement from Nancy Lewis, Randy’s wife:

Randy Lewis in hospital

Randy Lewis after surgery

“Last weekend, Randy was having some headaches which we didn’t think much about.  We thought he probably needed to change his glasses prescription.  He had a trainee with him on the truck last week, which meant he was resting more and not driving as much.  Little did we know what a blessing that would be.  Saturday afternoon, they returned to the truck yard and Randy got in his car to come back home.  15 minutes, same route he has taken for years.  45 minutes later, I get a call from a sheepish Randy saying he took a wrong turn and got lost, but should be home soon.  An hour later I get a call from his brother saying he was going to pick me up to go get Randy who had been stopped by police for erratic driving.  Upon arriving, Randy looked confused about all the fuss.  The officers confirmed that he was neither drunk nor did he have drugs in his system.  But his speech was slurred, he was wobbly on his feet and he had failed the penlight test, fingers to nose test, and walking the line test.  They were very concerned that he get checked out right away.  We believe now that those officers  actually saved his life by their concern and insistence on our getting him some help. So I drove him to the nearest ER, where they did several tests, including a CAT scan.  When the doctor saw the CAT scan results, he came in and immediately told us Randy had a large amount of bleeding on the right side of his brain that had pushed his brain over and was affecting functioning on his left side. As it was life-threatening, they did a Life Flight 15 minutes later to Cleveland at University Hospital where he went immediately into surgery.  Angela, our daughter, lives near there.  She met the medical team and Randy there, called me, as I was driving on my way up, and I gave permission to operate.  They said, and continued to say all through his recovery that most people with that amount of blood on their brains would have been unconscious and/or close to death.  He didn’t stop talking until he went under and continued talking as he was coming out of surgery 3 hours later.  They removed as much of the blood clot as possible and he had a shunt for the rest  to drain out.  After a relatively quiet Sunday, he was alert and walking on Monday night, passed the physical therapists’ tests Tuesday morning, and we were discharged and out the door by 5pm Tuesday night.  We believe that because of his good health and that there were so many people all over the country praying for him from the helicopter ride, through his surgery, and are continuing to pray, he has had an overwhelmingly miraculous recovery.  Even the doctors were amazed.  We continue to be thankful for all the love and care from Janus Circle members, Doug Denton, and  so many others.  The two Stow Officers who were professional and persistent in their care for Randy are receiving commendations for their great work.”

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