“I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.” —Matthew 25:35–36, NRSV

Our Missions

As United Methodists, we believe that faith needs to express itself through action. Our church is involved in a broad range of mission activities, as we seek to express the good news and love of Jesus Christ both locally and worldwide.

In addition, various groups in our church—the United Methodist Women, the men’s groups, and the Youth Fellowships—engage in a wide variety of mission work. Our church is one of relatively few United Methodist churches that have been designated a “Global Mission Partners Church” as a result of our extensive involvement with missions.

  • A mission team from our church went to work in Louisiana with UMCOR, Sager Brown. Mission volunteers worked at UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) Sager Brown (USB) in Baldwin, Louisiana.

    USB operates a 48,000 sq.ft. Depot to receive, sort, pack, store, and ship supplies for disaster relief within the U.S. and around the world. At USB, donated materials are assembled into kits for school, health, bedding, layette, sewing, and for flood clean up.

    For more information about this mission trip or for information on how you can be a part, please contact the church office.
  • Imagine No Malaria is the United Methodist church-wide effort to overcome malaria in Africa and eliminate deaths caused by this preventable disease.

    Our efforts may have started with sending nets, but they do not stop there. In addition to preventing malaria with bed nets, eliminating deaths caused by this disease will require educating communities and health care workers, developing health care infrastructure and making advancements in health care communications. Imagine No Malaria will create a stronger and more broad-based community health infrastructure to help The United Methodist Church in the fight against diseases of poverty. Nothing But Nets remains a key component of the campaign against malaria.

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  • We currently have 23 volunteers on the Gleaning Team and would like to have more. Gleaning is the ancient Biblical practice of gathering crops left in fields after the harvest.

    It is estimated by the USDA that 20% of all food grown in this country is wasted because it is not marketable or it was missed during mechanical harvesting. The food is edible and nutritious.

    The gleaning team is affiliated with the Society of St. Andrew, which is supported by the United Methodist Church as an Advance Special. We use their guidelines for our work. They base their mission on I John 3:18, “Let us love not only in words, but in deed and in truth.”

    The team works with local farmers, who have agreed to let us into their fields to glean what is left after the harvest, or to glean after produce has been graded for commercial sale. The produce is then delivered to Food Pantries and Free Meal Services throughout Portage County to be shared with those in need.

    Hunger is a tragedy. Hunger is senseless. Hunger can be eliminated.

    If you're interested in volunteering please sign-up in the Atrium on Sunday morning!

Other Missions We Support

  • Local Missions

    Akron Missions:

    Heart 4 the City

    This is our United Methodist mission church in the Goodyear Heights neighborhood of Akron, which operates a broad range of programs for the needy, as well as worship and spiritual growth ministries. We contribute $5,000 per year to help support their important work.

    Haven of Rest

    We support this Christian shelter for the homeless.

    Lighthouse of Hope

    This is a United Methodist outreach to children in poverty.

    Portage County Missions:

    Beef Fund

    Our church provides periodic supplies of fresh beef to be distributed in food baskets to our area's poor.

    Food Pantry

    We collect a large quantity of canned and boxed foodstuffs for food bags for the needy.

    Kent Social Services

    We support the basic work of this relief agency.

    University Hospitals Portage Medical Center Chaplaincy

    We support the chaplain's office at the hospital by helping to underwrite the secretary's salary.

    County Clothing Center

    This center, which makes free clothing available to needy county residents, was started in 1995 under the initiative of our church's Missions Committee and is now a major ecumenical venture with support from numerous area churches

    Women's Recovery Center

    The Recovery Center provides a living center and recovery program for all women struggling with drug addiction.

    Habitat For Humanity

    We provide workers at the project sites and, on assigned dates, lunches for the workers.

    United Christian Ministries

    This ecumenical campus ministry is housed in a portion of our facility, and we provide various kinds of support for its work among Kent State University students.

    Marie Miller Community House

    Kent's homeless shelter.

    Freedom House

    Kent's homeless shelter for veterans

    Townhall II

    Rape and abuse counseling (prevention, family crisis and medical help).

    Hartville Migrant Mission

    provides services to migrant workers.

    Faithful Servants

    provides free health care to those in need.

    Portage Area Senior Services

    provides services to the elderly.

    American Red Cross Bloodmobile

    We are a site for several blood drives each year.

    Coleman Professional Services

    working among people with psychological problems.

    Hattie Larlham

    center for severely mentally handicapped persons

    Safer Futures

    women's shelter

    Emergency Energy Fund

    Utility cost help for people in Portage County

    Curtis Foundation "Birdie Bags"

    We host the Ben Curtis Family Foundation "birdie bag" program which distributes food bags to children in Kent who are dependent on school lunches to get them through long holiday weekends. We provide storage and assembly space, as well as some financial support.

    Direct Assistance

    We provide direct assistance to needy individuals in a variety of ways.

  • Ohio & Special Missions

    Ohio Missions:

    East Ohio Camps

    We contribute $3,000 per year to help fund our three United Methodist camps in East Ohio—Camp Asbury, Camp Wanake, and Camp Aldersgate—which help young people grow in Christian faith and life through summer camp and retreat ministries.

    Guidestone in Berea

    This United Methodist children's home, formerly an orphanage, now works with troubled children and youth.

    Flat Rock Home

    This United Methodist home works with mentally handicapped children, youth, and adults.

    Elyria Home, Copeland Oaks, and Otterbein North Shore

    These are our United Methodist retirement and nursing homes in east Ohio.

    East Ohio Conference Benevolences

    Through our East Ohio Conference, we support a broad range of area mission projects, including food pantries, clothing centers, homeless shelters, programs for at-risk children, and numerous local church-based programs.

    Urban Missions

    We provide support for urban mission centers in Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Warren, and Steubenville.

    Special Missions:

    Human Relations Day

    supports urban social work programs.

    One Great Hour of Sharing

    helps victims of disasters and hunger worldwide.

    Native American Awareness Day

    supports Native American mission churches and seminarians.

    Peace With Justice Sunday

    supports efforts to advance peace and justice in our world.

    World Communion Sunday

    this offering provides ethnic minority scholarships.

    United Methodist Student Day

    this offering provides loans and grants to United Methodist college students.

  • National Missions

    Blackfeet United Methodist Parish, Montana

    We help this Native American mission.

    Black College Fund

    We provide $1,100 a year to support 11 historically black United Methodist colleges.

    Disaster Relief

    Our church regularly responds to special appeals to help victims of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other crises.

  • World Missions

    United Methodist Benevolences

    We contribute more than $30,000 a year to support the general mission work of the United Methodist Church.

    Missionary Salary Support

    We provide direct annual support to Mary Vandersommers, who works in community development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Africa University

    We provide $700 per year for Africa University—an important United Methodist university in Zimbabwe.

    Ministerial Education

    We give over $4000 a year to help train new pastors in seminaries.

    New Horizon Methodist School

    We support this school for poor children in Paraguay.

    ZOE Project

    This mission helps orphans in Africa.

    Blanket Sunday

    We purchase blankets for refugees worldwide.