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Welcome to the United Methodist Church of Kent Blogs page! Here you will find a listing of all of our different blog series.

Ongoing Series:
Notes from the Pastor
This series provides a conclusion to each week’s sermon and devotional thoughts for the week ahead. New posts are available each Tuesday.

Archived Series:

Windows Wednesday
This series provides photos of the beautiful faceted-glass windows throughout the church. They are accompanied by descriptions and design images from Willet-Hauser Architectural Glass, the company that designed and installed the windows. You will also find a devotional Bible passage that relates to each window.

Notes from the Pastor

Follow Me

Many people today would say that to be a Christian means that you believe in Jesus, or that it...
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Get Moving

Spiritual inertia is the dominant factor in the spiritual lives of many people today. In...
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Hear the Angels Sing

The reason why many people do not connect with God is not because they reject God, but because...
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God Lifts Up the Lowly

Do we count for anything on this earth? Against the backdrop of world or even national affairs,...
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Windows Wednesdays

Windows Wednesday Kickoff

This post begins our Windows Wednesday series. First, we will post an overview of the chapel...
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Chapel History

The chapel was built as part of the initial building project begun April 5, 1964. The initial...
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Chapel Window 1—The Hand of God

Welcome to the first Windows Wednesday! The first window in the Chapel sits over the door. As...
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Chapel Window 2—The Incarnation

Welcome back to Windows Wednesday! Today, we are examining Chapel window 2, the Incarnation....
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